How I debugged memory leak issue for mediaserver

Recently I had to fix big memory leak issue in “medieaserver”. From the internet I found very nice tool called addr2func for fixing the issue.

The tool is written by freepine and I modified for supporting latest version of AOSP bases codes(5.0) and uploaded into Github : addr2func

Pre-condition - eng or userdebug build of device and android full source code

  1. Download addr2func
  2. Give excute permission.

    $chmod +x
  3. Enable memory allocation debug feature for mediaserver.

    $adb shell setprop libc.debug.malloc 1
    $adb shell ps mediaserver
    $adb shell kill <mediaserver_pid>
  4. Dump memory status of mediaserver into dump1 file.

    $adb shell ps mediaserver
    $adb pull /proc/<mediaserver_pid>/maps
    $adb shell dumpsys media.player -m > dump1
  5. Do the memory leak test on the device.

  6. Dump memory status of mediaserver into dump2 file.

    $adb pull /proc/<mediaserver_pid>/maps
    $adb shell dumpsys media.player -m > dump2
  7. make diff between dump1 and dump2.

    $diff dump1 dump2 > diff
  8. Save memory allocation trace into mem_trace file.

    $./ --root-dir=<AOSP_dir> --maps-file=maps --product=<product_name_of_your_build> diff > mem_trace

The memory allocation trace is saved in mem_trace file. It will show you where exactly the memory is allocated. dup is duplication count.

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